Lung cancer risk calculators
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TNSF: lung cancer risk calculators for Taiwanese never-smoking females

Although tobacco smoking is the dominant risk factor for lung cancer, never-smoking women in certain Asian regions, including Taiwan, experience high lung cancer incidence. It is an important public health problem to identify never-smoking females with an elevated risk for lung cancer so that LDCT screening for early detection can be recommended.

Based on the following publication [1], this website provides two calculators for estimating the probabilities of lung cancer diagnosis among never-smoking Taiwanese females in the upcoming 6 years. The first calculator needs the following individual information: age, BMI (body mass index), COPD history, education level, and family history of lung cancer. The second calculator needs additional personal information: the genotype data at 9 SNPs.

We suggest that never-smoking females present the estimates to her physicians for counseling if there is a concern. Thresholds for lung cancer risk in the upcoming 6 years discussed in the lung cancer literature included 0.0134, 0.0151, and 0.02.

Readers are referred to the following publication for more information[1].


Last updated:04/20/2023